Controlant Onsite Monitoring Playbook (PDF)

Click the button below to view the Playbook, which includes instructions on shipment notifications, delivery instructions, the onsite monitoring process, and updates & notifications. 

View Onsite Monitoring Playbook



Instructional Videos

Click the videos links below to view specific instructions.

Video 1: Unbox your single use shipper.

Unboxing single use shipper

Video 2: Unbox your reusable shipper.

Unboxing Reusable shipper

Video 3: Access your quality reports.

Quality Reports

Video 4: Deactivate single shipments.

Deactivate Single Shipments

Video 5: Opt out of all onsite monitoring.

Opt out of all onsite monitoring

Video 6: Opt in to onsite monitoring.

Opt in to onsite monitoring

Video 7: Return the empty box. 

Return Instructions

Video 8: Confirm cloud connection. 

Confirming cloud connection

Video 9: Manual data upload instructions. 

Manual upload

Video 10: Download temperature history.

Download Temperature History

Video 11: Charge the logger battery.

Charging Logger Battery

Video 12: Change your site contact information.

Change Contact Information

Video 13: Troubleshoot monitoring issues. 

Monitoring Troubleshooting

Video 14: Logger replacement process.

Replacing logger