Controlant Onsite Monitoring Playbook (PDF)

Click the button below to view the Playbook, which includes instructions on shipment notifications, delivery instructions, the onsite monitoring process, and updates & notifications. 

View Onsite Monitoring Playbook


Monitoring Overview (Video)

Click the video below to view the training video that walk you through the Controlant Onsite Monitoring Playbook.

Controlant Onsite Temperature Monitoring Overview Video


Deep Dive Instructional Videos

Click the videos links below to view specific instructions.

Video 1: Changing your site contact information. 

Change Contact Information


Video 2: Deactivating and opting out of monitoring.

How to Deactivate Monitoring and Opt Out


Video 3: Troubleshooting your monitoring issues. 

Monitoring Troubleshooting


Video 4: Downloading onsite shipment data. 

How to Download Onsite Shipment Data


Video 5: Access your post-shipment reports. 

Post-Shipment Reports


Video 6: Learn how to export temperature data.

Exporting Temperature Data


Video 7:
Accessing the return instructions.

Return Instructions


Video 8
Unboxing your vaccines. 

Unboxing Your Vaccines