Please note: Onsite Monitoring will no longer be available starting November 25, 2022. Please contact your local immunization director for further questions.


Controlant Onsite Monitoring Playbook (PDF)

Click the button below to view the Playbook, which includes instructions on shipment notifications, delivery instructions, the onsite monitoring process, and updates & notifications. 

View Onsite Monitoring Playbook



Instructional Videos

Click the videos links below to view specific instructions.

Video 1: Unbox your single use shipper.

Unboxing single use shipper

Video 2: Unbox your reusable shipper.

Unboxing Reusable shipper

Video 3: Access your quality reports.

Quality Reports

Video 4: Deactivate single shipments.

Deactivate Single Shipments

Video 5: Opt out of all onsite monitoring.

Opt out of all onsite monitoring

Video 6: Opt in to onsite monitoring.

Opt in to onsite monitoring

Video 7: Return the empty box. 

Return Instructions

Video 8: Confirm cloud connection. 

Confirming cloud connection

Video 9: Manual data upload instructions. 

Manual upload

Video 10: Download temperature history.

Download Temperature History

Video 11: Charge the logger battery.

Charging Logger Battery

Video 12: Change your site contact information.

Change Contact Information

Video 13: Troubleshoot monitoring issues. 

Monitoring Troubleshooting

Video 14: Logger replacement process.

Replacing logger