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Building a connected food safety cold chain: Current challenges and next steps

Complex cold chains, an increase in consumer and regulatory demands, the influence of media, a threat of litigation or even criminal prosecution, and squeezed margins are bringing food quality and safety initiatives to the forefront of food businesses.


These days, maintaining a strong versus a weak cold chain can literally make or break your business. Food freshness, consistent quality, and safety impact your brand—and your bottom line. 

In this ebook, we discuss how an end-to-end cold chain visibility program that includes real-time environmental monitoring and product movement traceability can help mitigate risk, drive customer loyalty, and boost profitability.

 Chapters include:

  • Farm to fork: Current cold chain challenges and risks
  • Key elements to building an intelligent, automated cold chain
  • Common misconceptions about real-time cold chain traceability
  • A customer's take on visibility: Chipotle's case study
  • Recommendations for adopting an end-to-end solution